Re:Zero’s Rem Gets Life-Sized Figurine and It’s Super Expensive!


Re:Zero could arguably be one of the best anime that came out last year. Presenting an interesting roster of characters and a very original story, it wasn’t a matter of time before the anime was able to build a fanbase. Most of the attention is aimed at the series’ “best girl” Emilia Rem. And guess what? She’s getting her own life-sized figurine!


FigureX, a company known for making life-sized versions of various anime heroines, unveiled its figure of Rem which stands at about 4 feet 11 inches with a pedestal. But if you think it’ll be easy to bring your waifu home, obviously it’s not. The figurine costs 1.48 million yen (that’s around US$12,600).


In their recreation of the series’ famed female butt-kicker, Rem dons her signature maid outfit and holds a mop in place of her weapon, a gigantic morning star. FigureX uses a digital mold and a high-performance 3D printer to capture each detail of the figure, starting from the ribbons all the way down to the frills in her outfit. Her base conceals a speaker.



If you think the price is too much for anyone to handle, then you’d be surprised to know that Re:Zero has a history of fans who are willing to spend exorbitant amounts for the merchandise. Last year, a fan spent roughly $190 for a tarpaulin of Rem and Ram, even if one could be printed for a significantly lower price. At least the figures have a considerable amount of effort put in them.


Rem’s 1:1 scale figure is currently open for pre-orders and it will close on February 2. The figures will ship around August.

Would you buy a life-sized Rem figurine if you had the moola for it? Let us know in the comments section below! 


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