GTA 4’s Liberty City Enters GTA 5

liberty city in gta 5

Yes, you will now be able to see Los Santos and Liberty City co-exist! Thanks to the modding team OpenIV.

The group clarifies that Liberty City will not replace Los Santos instead, it will appear just across the ocean. The group also revealed that they have worked on this project since the arrival of GTA V on PC platform way back in 2015. You can watch the teaser video below.

“Liberty City is finally coming into GTA V in all its glory,” the modders said in a blog post. “Liberty City will not replace Los Santos or Blaine County, but appears across the sea.”

But to avoid any potential legal issues, you will not be able to see the Liberty City mod inside GTA 5, unless you own both games on PC. To make that possible, a downloadable tool will then extract Liberty City from GTA IV and create a custom DLC pack, which can then be patched into GTA V. No release date has been announced yet for the mod.

So do you want to see them co-exist? What do you think of this mod? Let us know in the comments below.

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