Why Being an Adult Anime Fan is Difficult


Let’s face it, there’s no such thing as “age” when it comes to being an anime fan. Eventually, you’d grow old and your tastes will mature along with you but one thing’s for certain – you’re bound to continue loving anime for eternity. However, the older you get, the more difficult it is to keep up with your hobby. Here are the reasons why being an adult anime fan is difficult.

1. You can’t keep up with your favorite anime series. 


You’ll end up missing an episode and then someone else will spoil it for you. Sucks, right?

2. You desperately want to buy a new anime figure but you need to pay the bills. 


Face it – anime figures are still as expensive as they were yesterday. Only this time, you have no parents to pay for your shit.

3. Some weekends are still not enough for binge-watching because you have other priorities


Unless you’re a NEET with no priorities at all.

4. Your friends are minding their own businesses so odds are, you’d barely have anyone to talk to regarding your hobbies


You’re lucky if someone in your office shares the same hobbies as you.

5. You want to attend a convention – but you also want to rest. You’re gonna have to choose between them. 


Fudge it – go to a convention. Regret later.

6. New anime titles are being released left and right. Odds are, you’ll only be able to watch one of them.


Or none at all if you’re that unlucky.

7. Parents will still nag you about your “cartoons” – except now, it’s even more annoying.


Loving your parents is easy. Explaining anime to them is difficult.

8. You want to read a new manga but you’re too stressed out.


Need to get that shut-eye.

9. You want to cosplay but you don’t have the resources and the time.

Photo courtesy of Low Cost Cosplay
Photo courtesy of Low Cost Cosplay

Unless you’re so good at time management or just born rich, you can’t dish out an epic cosplay 🙁

10. You still don’t have a girlfriend/boyfriend.


Because anime standards are high as fudge.


But hey, even if being an adult is difficult in general, you just have to realize that it’s okay to indulge in your hobbies every once in a while. Otherwise, life would be boring as heck. There’d be no sense of freedom in this world if we work all the time. Enjoy life and keep on expressing your love for anime!


Which of these reasons can you relate to the most? Let us know in the comments section below! 



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