Naughty Dog Surprises Fans with The Last of Us: Part II


Sony closed out the PlayStation Experience ceremony with a very surprising reveal of The Last of Us: Part II. You know what this means? Loyal fans of the series are gearing up for a journey back to the post-apocalyptic world where monsters are everywhere, even in the hearts of humans who are struggling to survive.

The trailer begins in the middle of the woods before the Naughty Dog logo appears. Next we see the fist of a character (with god-awesome tattoos) before she begins playing a guitar. This character is revealed to be a battle-hardened Ellie. She begins to play and sing Through The Valley. Joel enters the house, unshaken by the dead bodies inside. He approaches Ellie and asks whether she wants to continue something she intends to do. Unfazed by the blood dripping from her face, she responds with a vow to kill “every last one of them”. Who those people are, however, we have yet to find out – but there’s a chance that she’s referring to the Fireflies.


On using the two characters of the first game again, writer Neil Druckmann mentioned that the Last of Us revolves solely around Joel and Ellie and not the world they’ve been placed in. One thing to note is that while the first game is mostly played from Joel’s perspective, the second game will move through the eyes of a 19-year-old Ellie. Also, while the first story is focused on the somewhat nurturing father-daughter relationship between Joel and Ellie, the upcoming sequel is going to be about hatred – probably leaning more towards vengeance and fury above anything else. These two are obviously no longer the “good” guys. This is foreshadowed by the lyrics of the song that Ellie sings:

I walk through the valley of the shadow of death.
I fear no evil because I’m blind to it all.
My mind and my gun they comfort me,
because I know I’ll kill my enemies when they come.
Surely goodness and mercy will follow me all the days of my life,
and I will dwell on this earth forevermore.
I walk beside the still waters and they restore my soul,
but I can’t walk on the path of the right because I’m wrong.


I’m kind of iffy about a sequel since the first one ended perfectly. Everything was wrapped up in a bottle of emotions. True, fans have revisited Joel and Ellie’s story time and time again – but the concept of a succeeding story featuring the two main leads of the first game is kind of frightening. As we all know, not all sequels have a reputation for being great. The director of the second game is aware of how worried some fans are and has told everyone to trust them. Oh well, it’s still too early to judge anyway.

There’s no release date yet but some speculate that it will be coming out in 2018, five years after the first game was released. This is based on Ellie’s age as she’s 14 in the first game.

Did you cry over the Last of Us: Part II? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below! 


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