“Fantastic Beasts” Has You Searching for Real Monsters


This review is totally biased – but despite all that, it still comes from a very honest perspective. At first I was a fan that didn’t want something new after the last book. I felt J.K Rowling had wrapped everything up tightly in a golden package. That was until I first heard Newt Scamander’s voice muttering “Lumos Maxima” in sheer darkness. That moment, the thought that maybe, seeing the fantastic creatures of HP universe might not be such a bad idea.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them isn’t the kind of book you’d expect to be adapted into a movie. Written by J.K Rowling under the pseudonym of fictitious wizarding author named “Newt Scamander,” it entails a brief history of Magizoology and contains a list of names and descriptions of magical creatures. While the concept itself might not entertain the average muggle, us witches and wizards at heart know what this book really stands for. Beneath its schoolbook exterior lies the discoveries of a Hufflepuff wizard who cared for these creatures.


The movie marks J.K Rowling’s debut in screenwriting. It introduces its whimsical main character, Newton Scamander (Eddie Redmayne), who ventures into a 1920s New York with a “case filled with magical creatures“. At first glance, you’d think “oh he looks lame he probably wouldn’t be able to accomplish anything”. But he’s already accomplishing something, even if along the way he does make a mistake or two.


What I liked the most about his character is that he’s almost everything a Hufflepuff is – kind and loyal – but he isn’t perfect. He doesn’t seem to be doing a good job at keeping his creatures at bay. However, his enthusiasm and love for the beasts that he “packs” into his suitcase is certainly something to admire.

From left to right: Occamy, Bowtruckle and Demiguise
From left to right: An Occamy, a Bowtruckle and a Demiguise

One interesting thing to note is that Newt Scamander and his creatures are filled with so much innocence. Through his eyes, you’ll be presented a world where the real monsters are humans – a message that could be interpreted in so many ways, good or bad.


Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them also escalates quickly – obviously written for a more mature audience. The atmosphere is noticeably heavier and darker and becomes more so as the film progresses. However, it perfectly balances out its dialogues and actions. It doesn’t miss out on imaginative, humorous and magical moments.


Overall, Fantastic Beasts is awesome. It’s funny, thrilling and explosive – literally. It will pull you into a stunningly detailed reimagination of a vintage version of our world. It will also make you think – about the monsters that exist in all of us. Don’t worry though. We’re not all bad.

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