Meet The Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch Logo
Nintendo Switch Logo

After months of teasing, it’s finally here, the Nintendo NX has been revealed as the Nintendo Switch. Slated for a March 2017 release, the newest Nintendo console is looking to be an incredible device delivering on the promise that every handheld device has been promising gamers since the dawn of handheld gaming…Taking your gaming on the go.

Rumors and leaks surrounding the Switch have been circulating the internet for months now, and the incredibly awesome (emphasis mine) looking controllers were first outed by Eurogamer back in July, have finally been confirmed in the three minute reveal video released today.

The system in Nintendo’s words, is designed for gaming at home and on-the-go. Throughout the trailer, you can see the Switch going from a home console to a portable one.

Nintendo Switch in dock mode
Nintendo Switch in dock mode

At home, the Switch is plugged into a dock-like device that hooks it up to the TV. Gamers can play their games on two detachable controllers hooked onto a controller grip accessory, or a Pro Controller for the switch similar to the Wii Pro Controller.


To go portable, just pick up the Switch from the dock and add connect the new “Joy-Con” controllers onto the sides of the Switch and it becomes a totally suped up PlayStation Vita, except with Nintendo credentials.

Nintendo Switch with what looks to be Skyrim on it
Nintendo Switch with what looks to be Skyrim on it

The Switch, as previously revealed by various gaming media and Nvidia itself, will be a cartridge playing Nvidia Tegra powered gaming machine! The device is expeceted to launch with The Legend of Zelda, Breath of the Wild, but judging from this video, there’s going to be a new 3D Super Mario game, Mario Kart, NBA (2K?), Skyrim(WHAT?!!!), and Splatoon. According to Nintendo, it’s already enlisted the help of various of developers.

We all know the success of a console is predicated on the number of awesome titles that will be available during its lifetime. Looking at the list directly below…I’m excited.

3RD party

We’ve also heard rumors that there will be Final Fantasy XV, Dragon Quest and Just Dance for the new Nintendo device (you can see Square Enix and Ubisoft above).

Like everything before it, Nintendo’s newest console looks to be designed to bring us new gaming experiences. Early looks at the console scream one thing…The realization of portable gaming.

Nintendo has dominated the mobile scene since the launch of the Game Boy in 1989
Nintendo has dominated the mobile scene since the launch of the Game Boy in 1989

Since Nintendo dominated the handheld scene with their release of the Nintendo Gameboy in 1989, portable gaming has always been an awesome but not quite whole experience. Sure, portable gaming had great titles such as Golden Sun, Pokemon, Phoenix Wright, SNK vs. Capcom: The Match of the Millennium, Tetris, Monster Hunter, Candy Crush,and Gravity Rush to name a few; however portable gaming, and in the same vein, mobile gaming, has been looked upon as lesser experiences compared to their PC and console counterparts. Gamers have long asked for experiences such as Skyrim and Call of Duty on a portable device and it looks like Nintendo is finally bringing this promise to fruition with the Nintendo Switch.

At this point in time, the hype train for the next Nintendo device has already left!




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