These Hand-made Pokeball Terrariums are as Cute and Hard to Catch as the Pokemon Inside Them

hand-made pokemon terrariums

Recently, we see a lot of amazing fan-made Pokemon goods from all over the world, though they hail from Japan. Some of them are Pokemon ingenious aiming devices and Pokeball battery chargers, which aim to help mobile gamers obtain the perfect throw. But there are also these beautiful fan-made Pokeball terrariums created by a Texan-based artist named Lauren. She’s a Pokeball terrarium designer who created these adorable clear domes so you will be able to have a look inside and watch over your favorite Pokemon.


These terrariums are made by hand and feature cute scenes out of high quality crafting supplies and figurines. Lauren sells them on her Etsy shop TheVintageRealm. Her creations have become so viral that they routinely sell out. She currently releases a batch once a week, alerting people on Twitter the day before to let them know about the upcoming release.

These are absolutely a few of the very detailed and lovingly made Pokemon merchandises we’ve ever seen, with each piece taking roughly three to four hours to create! Just wow.

Have a look at some of them:








Mega Mewtwo Y






If you want to see all her masterpieces in the range, check out Lauren’s Deviantart page. She also shares some information there on how you can make your own terrarium. How generous of her…

For those of you who are good with your hands and aspiring to create this adorable masterpiece, the Youtube video below might inspire you as much as it did to Lauren to create her own range.


Source: Hamusoku


And hey, Christmas is coming! Now is the perfect time to start on crafting some for your friends and loved ones!

These goods would be a great addition to the figurines on your desk! So what can you say about them?

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