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Obviously I'm not J.k. Simmons
Obviously I’m not J.k. Simmons

Dear Saiko+ readers!

Thank you for reading Saiko+, a social community dedicated to Anime, Comics, Games and Cosplay. We’re here to entertain, converse, and sometimes inform you on all the things you love.

Since our inception, Saiko+ has been working hard to create a space for readers to come and gather to converse about all things Anime/Comics/Manga/Games/Cosplay related. However, in a wide internet inhabited with a myriad voices, we too must find our own voice.

As the new executive editor for Saiko+, I promise you, our readers, that the future for Saiko+ is bright. In the coming weeks, you will begin to notice a shift in the way we approach your favorite manga and anime. I believe in empowering people to do their best, and for our writers to do so, we’ve unleashed their pens.

Now, if you’ve read this much, you’re probably wandering who the heck this executive editor is and you’re completely within your rights. My name is Eric Jou. I’m a writer, gamer, and all around consumer of fast foods. I’ve been a lifelong anime and manga fan, ever since I watched Slam Dunk all those years ago.  You can trust me when I say I know all things geek. At one point, I was the Kotaku.com China guy.

Going forward, our writing will be more poignant, more opinionated, and hopefully more fun. Sure, the content that you like now will continue to exist, even click-bait will too (websites need to make money). I aim to infuse a level of energy and mischief much in the way Kotaku and Polygon did for video games.

What we hope to achieve is to do more with Saiko+ and all the while introduce you, our intrepid reader, into a new world of Anime, Comics, Games, and Cosplay, as well as something very special to our hearts, Chinese Manhwa.

I hope you will continue to visit us and give us your time. I look forward to hearing back from you, our readers over the course of next few months to hear how Saiko+ is working for you.

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