Pokemon Go Stampede! This time, It’s in Japan!

Pokemon Go Stampede in Japan

Heard of the Pokemon Go Vaporeon stampede in Central Park, NYC a month ago where hundreds of people gathered at the edge of Central Park to play Pokemon Go at 11pm’ish and a Vaporeon shows up in the park? How about the other one in Taiwan recently where thousands of people were trying to catch a Snorlax?

Well this time, it’s in Japan!

You heard it right; a wild Lapras caused a stampede in Japan as Japanese Pokemon Go trainers fought each other over a wild pokemon. Whoa!

A user in reddit named Coolmario shared a video that became viral In the internet in an instant. It’s amazing how Pokemon Go made such an impact in the whole globe. It caused stampede for just one wild Pokemon, I mean LITERALLY!


This scenario proves Pokemon Go’s worldwide phenomenon is far from over as other similar news circulated in the internet in some different countries. You can find videos of it on youtube and even twitter. Actually, a very similar case happened in Taiwan recently as a wild Snorlax, a rare Pokemon appeared eventually causing a stampede.

Via Youtube


Well yes, the game is fun, but make sure safety comes first.

Pokémon Go advises players to remain vigilant over surroundings at all times, right? Safety precautions is part of the rules in the game actually.


If you missed seeing the NYC and Taiwan stampedes I mentioned earlier, here are some videos:


But hey, there’s more. Stampede is not the only news I brought to you. In fact, Pokemon Go announced that they are looking forward to release a new sightings feature within a week or two, further improving the game but still on the beta run to finalize the test. Be looking for it!


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