Players are Twisting Pokemon GO’s Appraisal feature


Updating your Pokemon GO app to 1.5.0 was a big deal because then it would give you the chance to finally utilize the (arguably pointless) appraisal feature. When this patch rolled out for all users, one would only have to tap a pokemon they want to have appraised, and then tap the circular menu button at the bottom of the screen. The new option “Appraise” will pop out.

The update makes use of your team leaders Blanche, Candela or Spark. They’ll pop up at the bottom of screen and analyze your Pokemon and then you’ll have to take note about what they have to say as this would be vital information as to whether your Pokemon is actually worth keeping. Of course this feature wasn’t explained well and some users took matters into their own hands by spreading comprehensive charts regarding the appraisal feature.

The appraisal feature is actually handy when it comes to finding out more about your Pokemon’s Individual Value (IV). These are hidden stats that affect how strong your Pokemon is in Gym battles, beyond its CP rating.

Here’s a guide from one of our bros over at BGR before we dive in to our real topic here:


Hope we didn’t bore you to death. You could use that information, you know? Anywho. The appraisal feature seemed to have more functions rather than just telling you more about how useless your Pokemon is in gym battles. Players are now starting to poke fun at the new feature by changing Pokemon names into something..err… unexpected?

It seems that Blanche became fascinated with you-know-whats overnight.


I mean, she can’t stop talking about it.


Who are you and what did you do with our Blanche?


Spark decided to jump in on the fun.


Wtf Spark.


I’m not sure if you’re stupid or just plain rude.


Unfortunately, Candela isn’t immune to this chaos.


Oh god… Why Candela?


She probably became a gynecologist somewhere along the way…


I thought you were better than this…


Same goes for you Blanche… I expected more. Also, you need to hide from perverted Grammar Nazis.


Wait… is this thing even going to stop?

Probably not.

Have you messed with Pokemon GO’s latest feature? Let us know in the comments section below and don’t be afraid to send us screenshots! 



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